CrossFit Solid Nyköping

Nyköpings enda CrossFit-box – med instruktörsledda pass för nybörjare, seniorer, tävlingsatleter, teens och barn. Helt enkelt en plats för alla.

Gasverksvägen 5
611 35 Nyköping

Mån-Fre: 6:30 – 20:30
Lör-Sön: 9:00 – 13:00


In many ways, the history of CrossFit Solid is similar that of CrossFit in general. In the beginning, CrossFit was practiced at regular gyms and home garages across the country. As more people became interested in the sport, it became professionalized and filled with knowledge and content.

CrossFit Solid was founded by three friends and musical artists – Karl Dyall, Joakim Bergström and Rennie Mirro – who initially trained Crossfit with a bunch of friends at ”Friskis&Svettis” and later moved their training into a dance school. They quickly grew out of the premises and incidentally found out about an empty garage on Sveavägen in the most central parts of Stockholm. CrossFit Solid soon became a members club with professional trainers, and one of Sweden’s most highly rated CrossFit boxes.

Since 2015, you will find us in the heart of Stockholm, in what initially was the power plant for the high-rise office buildings above known as Hötorgsskraporna.

Since 2018 you’ll also find us in our brand new 650 square meter, Eleiko Certified facility in Nyköping. With a 8 meter ceiling height, an amazing light transmission and our own out door gym – we have created a friendly, unique and comfortable atmosphere together with our members. Many of them even call it their ”second home”.

Even though we have some well-reputed athletes today, the foundation of CrossFit Solid is, and have always been the community and the joy of working out. We have always valued the skills of our staff and we have tried to stay responsive to the unique experiences of other sports. This has made our box, not only to a place for people who are trying to stay fit or for those who seek quality in their training, but also to a fantastic community.

Since our first day, we have always fought to ensure the equality of all people, and we are always striving to be a place for all! Our ambition is to encourage everyone to ”do the usual, unusually good”.

Feel free to come in and experience our fantastic environment!